Rules For the WIKI~

There is a few rules that I would like to say. Don't worry, I'm not that strict:

Files and ImagesEdit

  • screen shots from an episode of a certain anime is allowed to be added.
  • HD or not HD pictures is allowed (since it is very hard to find HD anime downloading websites)
  • Certain images must have a file name (ex: Hino Kahoko playing violin)
  • all screenshot from a certain anime should be put in the page's gallery.

Anime/Manga pagesEdit

  • It only requires the following: Name of anime/manga, plot, a picture, characters (no information is needed and it is optional), and if you could find a history on how it was produce, that wold be very much appreciated.
  • List of opening/ending songs is also optional. Lyrics and a video is required IF you are to add.
  • You can include some screenshots but put it in the gallery of the page.

Fan artsEdit

  • For fan arts, I would love to see some fan art made by users here. And also, if you have a certain fan art for a certain anime, please upload it to you gallery and/or the gallery at the fan art you drew.
  • If you drew something that isn't in any anime, please upload it ONLY to your user page.


  • It is a free chat, so discuss anything you want, anime/manga related or not.
  • Please refrain from using bad words and such.
  • If you are caught using bad words for 5 times, I am afraid but to have you banned from the wiki/chat for a week or a year (depends on how many and how rash the words are)
  • Also avoide using the chat to advertise some wikis you made. Ask an admin or the chat moderator if for permission.
  • Playing games in wiki chat is allowed, but if it involves some sexual interrelation, you may be ban immediately


  • Your signature must have the following: Link to you user page (<--this is very important), the rest of these are optional: talk page, contributions, etc.
  • Avoid using blinding colors to mix with your signature (e.g: neon yellow mix with the background neon green).
  • You can ask someone to help with your signatures (those who are really good and are willing) but please do not force them.


  • For the pictures and such, please only include 3-6 pictures of you favorite manga/anime.

This may be added in the near future

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